We are focused technology experts ready to deliver your next embedded project development, specializing in programmable Time-Sensitive Networking solutions. We take pride in helping our customers get their projects to market faster and more cost-effectively..

A flow for today’s SoC FPGAs

  • Documented methodology
  • Effective coding practices
  • Continuous integration (Agile development)

Reproducibility & traceability

  • Configuration management enables “hot-fixes”
  • Software readable Build ID; exact source database is labeled

Project Management

  • Customer-accessible feature, issue and milestone tracking
  • Complete Documentation
  • Time-tracking and timesheet generation


  • Synchronization (IEEE-1588/PTP)
  • SMPTE ST 2022, TR-03/TR-04
  • AES67 & Ethernet AVB/TSN
  • Traffic Management (Classification, Policing, Queuing, Scheduling, Shaping)
  • High-speed serial protocols: PCI Express Gen2/3, SDI, OTN, Ethernet
  • High Bandwidth Memory
  • DSP, Media Processing
  • OpenCL
  • Content Security (encryption, authentication)

Key Competencies

  • System design
  • Embedded software
    • Linux BSP, boot loader
    • kernel/driver development
    • Networking & Control middleware
  • Turn-key SoC FPGA development with software API
  • Custom hardware development
  • Lab functional validation
  • AVB Certification Service

Verification Expertise

  • Constrained randomization
  • Functional coverage
  • Scripting/automation of lab validation
  • Continuous (agile) integration
  • SystemVerilog, VHDL, UVM and others

Business Models

  • We offer innovative business models to suit large or small customers:
  • Business models with Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) fees
    • Fixed-price
    • Time & Materials
  • Customers may require a “shared-risk/reward” model, where the up-front NRE must be minimized. To support these situations, we offer:
    • Licensing fees
    • Royalty-based
  • Blended NRE and licensed-based models…
  • COVELOZ, and therefore our customers, benefit from the generous support Canadian and Ontario government programs that support technology innovation

Delivery Models

  • Collaborative, on-site development
    • IP development, adaptation, & integration
  • Full turn-key solutions
    • In-house validation lab and tool licenses (eg. VCS-MX)
  • Extensive set of development kits
  • Customizable Standard Products (C-ASSP)
    • First product line supports Ethernet AVB (IEEE 1722)
    • Customizable via services


Head Office:
232 Herzberg Rd. – Suite 204
Kanata, ON
K2K 2A1