We love a challenge. We thrive on making stuff work. We take pride in a job well done and offer focused engineering excellence; to deliver your projects on time, with quality, and within budget.


Nestor Amaya - President and Founder

Nestor Amaya, President and Founder of COVELOZ, is a technology executive dedicated to developing an innovative business built on programmable embedded solutions; what might be called a virtual semiconductor company, focused on the deterministic networking and accelerated computing of cloud-based applications. Nestor is driven by the challenge and opportunity to make a difference in our community and industry.


Christopher Taylor - Vice-President / CIO / CFO

As well as functioning as a the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Information Officer of COVELOZ, keeping the company operating smoothly and improving its systems, Christopher Taylor is a senior verification engineer with fifteen years of comprehensive verification experience covering the entire design and verification lifecycle. He also functions as a design architect and is an expert at verification architecture and process planning, design and implementation, and he is also at home coding and diving into waveforms and RTL code to debug issues.


Nathan Phillips - Director R&D

A technology manager and entrepreneur with 15 years of experience in SoC FPGA and embedded product development. Creativity, passion and leadership combined with expertise in all aspects of embedded platform design including strategic planning, system partitioning, project management and manufacturing.


Dave Matthews - Developer

Software developer with over 20 years’ experience in embedded software development in the telecom, datacom, defense, server storage and time-sensitive networking industries.


Matthew Fransham - Designer / Team Leader

A team lead with 9 years of experience in FPGA and ASIC projects. Extensive background in multiple stages of the design cycle including design requirements, RTL coding, UVM/OVM Verification, timing closure and lab validation. Enjoys the challenge of trying to find clean, simple and robust solutions to complicated problems.

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Head Office:
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Kanata, ON
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