COVELOZ brings to market firmware solutions to address the time-sensitive networking of audio, video and control signals. We unwind the Internet of Things to a simple wire. Our mission is to clear-cut a differentiated product path for our customers with programmable technology solutions.

With headquarters in Ottawa, Canada, we are a team of over 35 FPGA, software and verification engineers.
Ottawa is a globally recognized as a centre of networking and telecommunications excellence, and our team brings this expertise to the Broadcast, Pro-AV and industrial markets.

Our company is focused on developing programmable embedded technologies, with a specialty in time-sensitive communications.  Our approach is to combine our proprietary new hardware and software solutions with our world-class engineering services.  Whether your next project needs software, project management, or our hardware solutions, we are here to help you every step of the way.

We offer embedded system design, specializing in Time-Sensitive Networking solutions such as media networking and optical transport.

  • System design & architecture
  • FPGA & ASIC design, verification and implementation
  • Embedded firmware (Linux, Windows and others)
  • Lab validation

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From suppliers to channel partners and customers, we work with some of the greatest companies in the industry to achieve results.

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We are a passionate team of experts delivering embedded solutions, specializing in time-sensitive networking and transport.

Our goal is to unite the best people into a focused, best-in-class technology firm; one positioned to both challenge and propel your career forward, by learning the latest technologies and methodologies.


Head Office:
232 Herzberg Rd. – Suite 204
Kanata, ON
K2K 2A1